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Amazing Quilts
for your child!

patch2Stadium Quilt
An great size for sports teams.

patch4Twin Quilts
Makes a great coaches gift!

patch5Full Quilts
Keep your memories alive.

Queen Quilts

The largest
size available!

All-Star Quilts®



Sports Jersey & T-Shirt Quilts



All-Star Quilts will keep Those Great Sports Memories Alive!

Have Those Old Sports Jerseys or T-shirts Made Into a Memorable Quilt!

Stop shoving your past sports apparel into the basement or garbage - wouldn't you love to use them as a comfy quilt or display them proudly on a wall?

All-Star Quilts are Great For:

  • Coaches Gifts/Manager Gifts (have your players sign them!)
  • Juniors or College Graduation gifts
  • Sorority or Fraternity memories
  • Billet family Hockey Quilts
  • Sports Fundraiser
  • Unique Birthday or Holiday Gift
  • Kid's Bedroom Decor/Den Decor (great headboard!)
  • Those sports crazy parents and grandparents