May 29,2010

I'm finally getting back to writing - have really been behind in keeping in touch! Right now I'm on my way to Greensburg, KS, to visit my daughter, who is a summer intern for a construction management co. If Greensburg doesn't ring a bell to you, it's a town that was decimated by a tornado 2 years ago, and is being re-built in a totally eco-friendly way. Anyway, this 9 hour trip gives me plenty of time to catch up on things...

I've been extremely busy with my quilt creations, with quite a few unique designs for client's special occasions. I'm working on a gift for a 70Th birthday Mom from her loving kids and grandkids. It will incorporate personalized squares of ironed-on photos and writings, an embroidered poem, their deceased father's bowling shirt, children's college T's, grandmother's buttons, and more memorable pieces of apparel. It's lots of fun to work on,and I feel honored to be part of their project.

I just sent out two full-size quilts out of state to Florida and Minnesota for hockey graduates! What's really strange is that both clients,(who found me on the internet), and I have Junior hockey connections. It always amazes me how small the hockey world is!

Hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!