March 1 2010

Had a wonderful, hockey filled weekend in Cedar Rapids watching my son play hockey for the Roughriders, and then the US-Canada game for Olympic Gold! Now back to sewing my next All-Star Quilt product...

My most recent client wants her graduating son to have a stadium-size quilt made from his high school T-shirts and basketball jerseys. For sleeveless athletic jerseys such as his, I sometimes have a problem with void areas at the shoulder. In these cases, I have to add additional fabric so I have a complete square to cut. Also, since I was provided with both t-shirts and jerseys to be incorporated together in one quilt, I have to make sure that all fabrics are completely shrunk (before I get them). Any un-shrunk fabrics may cause puckering when the quilt is washed later. Of course customers can also opt to dry clean and avoid this possibility if they'd like.

The quilt will them be bordered with green and navy borders with green ties - his high school colors. I hope that his new All-Star Quilt gives him years of cozy memories through his upcoming college years!