February 1 2010

Hello again! I thought that I should tell you a little about myself and how I decided to get into the business of making quilts from athletic jerseys and T-shirts...

I began making these quilts for my daughter and son, who were in a various (and numberous) sports over the years, such as ice hockey, field hockey, golf, horsemanship, baseball, soccer, yada yada. Sound familier? Instead of keeping their memorable sports apparel boxed up in my basement, I decided to make them into unique quilts. Since then, I've had such interest from other people who love the idea, that All-Star Quilts was born.

I've alway loved making things from scratch, whether it be sewing, painting, or building. My parents were the creative types, musician-dad and underestimated artist-mom, and since we grew up in this starving-artist-type family, if we saw something we couldn't afford, no problem, we just made it. We were not allowed much TV viewing time also, which helped us lean towards learning to play musical instruments, sewing, reading and such - lost arts anymore! Thanks Mom and Dad! Things that I have also tried to instill in my own kids.

Ok, enough info about myself...I'd love to hear about you, and answer any questions that you may have on a possible quilt project that I can make for you. Please feel free to call for questions, or even your opinion anytime!