Feb 11, 2010

Are you into recycling? Maybe someone that's just into being organized, and just feeling like you're running out of storage space for all those collectables?

Memory quilts may be the answer! Let me make a custom All-Star Quilt that not only recyles your sports memories, but also alleviates another storage box from taking up space in your home!

Don't think you have quite enough athletic jerseys or t-shirts to make an entire quilt? Remember that you may have 3 possible choices that can be used per sports jersey/T-shirt - front, back (usually a number), and possibly a sleave that can be opened up. Some jerseys, such as in hockey and football, may have smaller numbers or patches on the sleaves that look great as quilt squares, so don't discount that possibility. I am happy to spend time helping you to decide on the apparel choices and layout of your custom, unique, memory quilt. I understand how precious these memories may be to you, and do my best to incorporate them all in your quilt. I will also make sure any unused portions of your athletic jerseys/T-shirts are returned to at your request.

Maybe it's time to "Spring Clean" and think of more useful ways to preserve your collections and sports memories!