Fab 5, 2010

Crazy weather day - to snow or not to snow, that is the question here in St. Louis!Bet those grocery stores are packed with nervous drivers, when it hasn't even started yet!

Delivered 2 twin size All-Star Quilts and she loved them! I now am working on a stadium/lap size for a AAA hockey coach, which is made of some older, unique jerseys - should be a great one! I am also donating an auction item for a quilt to be made at the Marquette HS Baseball Trivia Night this Sat, Feb 6. I am working on possibly making matching pillows to coordinate with the athletic jersey or t-shirt quilt. I may be making bedroll pillows from hockey socks, so stay tuned...

Graduation is a great time for thinking about unique, personal gifts for your graduate, and All-Star Quilts make the perfect gift! Wouldn't they make a wonderful bedspread for your teen at college, instead of an ordinary store bought one? If you are interested, order soon - I have lots of interest in that direction.

Enjoy your weekend!