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Recycling Great Sports Memories!

March 10, 2010

Don't you just love spring? Especially, when we had a pretty brutal winter, by St. Louis standards anyway. It always amazes me how winter's over so quickly around here!

My daughter goes back to college (KU) tomorrow. Going to really miss her...she's such a great gal... But, GO JAYHAWKS!

I'm finishing up a really neat quilt for a client in Cleveland. Her son played hockey for the Barons, and now plays for Colegate. I also have a call from a gal in Michigan who wants an All-Star Quilt, but haven't received her materials yet. What a great invention the internet is - amazing how we can connect with people everywhere!
My next quilt is from a women who found me on Craig's List(another favorite) Her son played basketball for years, and wants a full-size quilt for a grad gift. I love making quilts that have so many memories! It never gets old. I have another quilt to make for an end of the year cheerleading coach gift. Can't wait for this one - have never done a cheerleading All-Star Quilt yet!

Soon, I'll be having a spring 10% OFF sale. Again, if anyone is looking for a grad gift quilt, and wants it by May or June, I'd advise ordering now, and take advantage of the sale.

March 11, 2010
March 1, 2010

Featured Testimonial

Dear Steve and Nancy

I just received my quilt and I can’t thank you enough-it is so fabulous-I can’t stop crying but that’s beside the point. I sent your check on Saturday s- you should have it any day. Thanks again –you do such a creative beautiful work!

Kathy - Springfield, MO 65897

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